BlitzCraftHQ was founded in June 2022 by Daniel Mark, Fabian Ferno and a team of 8 brilliant and driven engineers.

While we initially started out with the goal to build a simple and easy to use NFT analytics platform for NFT collectors, we soon realized the lack of a comprehensive suite of data and analytics tools for the Web3 ecosystem as a whole.

Brands, individual collectors, Web3 developers and other players in the ecosystem need access to crucial data from multiple sources including various blockchains, social media platforms and NFT marketplaces.

Blockchain data sources today are broken, outdated and unreliable. The problem with most Web3 data platforms today is that they don't deal with the vast amounts of veracity in the data that they mine. Web3 stakeholders are forced to deal with this data veracity on their own and spend weeks if not months trying to vet this data and standardize it for consumption.

Seeing this as a major problem that stops Web3 applications from being produced with the same quality as Web2 systems, we decided to rebrand ourselves as BlitzCraftHQ in order to better reflect the products and services we would provide our customers with.

BlitzCraftHQ was initially called NFTCONOMY 👀

We believe this move will help our customers gain access to more tools and reliable data, helping them build more streamlined, reliable and scalable Web3 applications. We'd also like to take this opportunity to make it clear that we will still operate our original product (NFTCONOMY) and will continue to provide you with real-time NFT analytics.

We further plan to introduce more features such as a dedicated washtrade analysis dashboard, multi-chain data visualization as well as tools for businesses in the Web3 space. The new product will be available at We'd love to hear your feedback on our products and services, so please feel free to reach out to us at or via any of our socials.

Meet The Team

Daniel Mark

Co-founder & CEO

Fabian Ferno

Co-founder & CTO

  • Subhiksha Victoria

    Head of PR & Communications

  • Abijesh Euphrine

    Head of Brand & Digital Content

  • Roshitha

    L2 Engineer

  • Veroni Shwetha

    L2 Engineer

  • Joshua Frankle

    L1 Engineer

  • Raksha

    SE Intern

  • Pinto Infant

    SE Intern

  • Dhivya Dharshini

    SE Intern

  • Jonathan Ryndolf

    Graphic Design Intern

  • Jesinthan

    L1 Engineer

  • Shirley Christabel

    SE Intern

  • Manjula

    Business Analyst Intern